"Hear your Dreams and see the possibility of your Reality"
- Anonymous

Fri 30th Nov 07

I opened your exquisite website and took the time to read the quotes and learn more about what the Center
is offering.

As I was browsing through, I thought of three words if this was my Center. "
Beauty," "Gratitude," and "Servitude," actually in that order!

I thought what you have created in color, space, and content, are truly a reflection of the
beauty within your soul. I always think the "creative" part of every being is also a "spiritual gift" from God - not to be taken for granted - and for which one can only be humbly thankful. Thankfulness and gratitude in good
times, and even when adversity sets in, has a healing component, as it becomes a path to contentment, under all conditions.

And what better aim and purpose emanating from this lovely creation, if not for the purpose of "
service" to humanity?

I kept thinking all these three qualities are embedded in this beautiful and serene Center. And God willing for many years to come - while you are still part of its energy and good work - and long after you and I are gone to meet our Maker!

Vida Ellins, America

Fri 30th Nov 07

I log on
Type in the website

Lo and behold
My eyes are greeted with peace
Peace, tranquility, calm
A haven away from the bustle

The arches remind me of arms
Ready to embrace
...to contain
All that those walls will be witness to.

Wow, Angele...I'm impressed!

From Cathy Peric

Wed 7th Nov 07

Hi Angel,

 I think it is absolutely superb !

The idea of scrolling inside the archway gives the impression of security and the whole aspect is one of peace.

Well done.


Hi Angele,

Looks great, how much is it to hire a room?
They look like very comfy counselling rooms, I wonder if Lectio Divina, or adult catechesis, or  some bible studies with a healing aspect could be held, I am not sure if it would work, maybe I should ask Fr. Paul Sciberras.

Dear Angele,

I apologise for not sending you my compliments earlier for the fantastic job you made with the place. I wish you all the luck in the world and success for this challenge ahead of you.

Best regards,


You have put in a grand effort – good luck with the centre, best wishes, Julie and David x

Hi Angele,

The place looks very nice, you did a lot since we saw it ... and it has only been a few weeks!

See you soon.


Hey Angele,
Well done - looks fantastic - Best of luck
God bless

Love  Tessaxx

Hi Angele,

A very big prosit! Looks really nice!

May God bless all your future endevours.


A big "prosit" Ang. Really really lovely. Even if from a few pictures one can easily judge that you transformed you property into a most welcoming place.

Well done again and I pray and trust you may have the desired successes and results you so deserve.

God bless


Hi Angele,

WOW what a fantastic place PROSIT :)) so give me more details.....

where exactly is it in Mosta? What about parking etc.? Need any stationery or printing?

Peter xx

Dear Angele

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The centre looks absolutely fabulous, with such a smart looking receptionist too!! You must feel both excited and proud. It is a big venture to take on, but I know that you will make a huge success of it. You are very well loved and respected and it would be a joy for anyone to be able to work in such an inspiring environment.

Many big developments this end with Smiles, fingers crossed... will let you know when I can.

Do hope that you are well. Much love to you both,

Fiona xxx

Really impressive place.  Is this a center where you will be conducting your therapy sessions?

Really missing your sessions...they used to do me a lot of good!!

God bless

Hello Angele,

Congratulations.  That’s one very beautiful and comfortable centre. 

I wish you all the best, and may God bless you and your work there.

Fr Silvio

Wow Angele

With a centre like this I think I'd create problems for myself just to get the feel of it!!

Joking of course.  Certainly looks very welcoming. 


Marie says 'Hi'.  Also Angele a few people (two really) asked for advise and since we are not equipped to offer professional advise we took the liberty of giving your name to them.

God bless

Michael M T


I am suitably impressed.  Am considering starting a group in September/October.  I will definitely be in touch.

Hoep you're well.  I've sent you a couple of clients (both couples) ...hope they got in touch with you.
xx Ian

Wow that's just fantastic Ang! Can I forward it to my friends who might be interested please?

Hi Angele!

This is amazing!


Dear Angele,
Thanks for sharing the photos. The  House looks fantastic. When did you get the time to do all that!!-you put me to shame!!

take care

Maryanne Gauci
Service Manager

Adult and Family Services
Agenzija Appogg